Monday, February 28, 2011

The Home Office

The home office is a popular design concept considered for many new and remodeled homes.  There are a variety of possible options for an office: a separate room, area of a room, or a room doing double duty.   The first consideration is how and by who is this room to be used.  Is the room for working at home, for bill paying and home management, used by two or more people, or a homework/study center?  We typically differentiate this room from the control center of the home more typically found in or adjacent to the kitchen, performs a different function, and is best kept separate.  Options for the home office include a planned, dedicated room if one is available or can be part of an addition.  Remodeling can provide this space from an unused bedroom, a converted attic or basement, or even convert a large closet.  The office can be a nook off the master bedroom or hallway, or a dedicated portion of one room serving multiple duties such as a guest bedroom or library.  Sometimes a home office will require an exterior entry, especially if it is a working office that clients may visit.  In any case a home office should have some ability to provide acoustical privacy, typically by closing a door or doors.

The home office is an important consideration in planning a modern home and a request we hear more and more frequently.

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