Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kitchen Sinks: Configuration and Size

Kitchen sink configuration refers to the sink’s overall design such as quantity of bowls, number of faucet holes, square or round corners, bowl depths, and sloped versus flat-bottom sinks.  Size is self-explanatory but I will review some of the size options and combinations to consider.  Both the size and configuration are important as they directly relate to use and effectiveness. 

The size of the sink or sinks and number of bowls relate both to the size of the kitchen and the usage.  A larger kitchen can easily accommodate larger or multiple sinks.  In a small kitchen a large sink may look out of scale and limit available counter space.  The number and combination of bowls in a sink are personal preference based on how you like to use the sink. 
  • A single bowl sink can make washing larger pots or pans easier.  Larger single bowl sinks often take up as much space as double bowl sinks. 
  • Double bowl sinks can make washing or prep in one sink and drying or a disposal in the second sink an attractive option.  Double bowls sinks can have two sinks of equal size or one large and one small with varying depths.  A new feature is a low-profile divider between the two bowls that allows a double bowl sink at times to function as one large bowl.
  • Triple bowl sinks take up much more space and can be quite large.  Triple bowl sinks are typically combinations of various sizes and depths.

The number of faucet holes was reviewed briefly in the previous blog.  Basically the sink faucet holes need to match the faucet selected, plus any other counter top options such as soap dispenser, instant hot, or sprayer you may wish to have.

Square or round corners, bowl depth, and sloped versus flat-bottom sinks are other choices available. 
  • Square corner sinks with flat bottoms are more modern and high tech but harder to clean. 
  • Flat bottom sinks may not drain as well as a sloped bottom sink and can hold a small amount of water. If this is something that will bother you a sloped sink bottom is a better choice. 
  • Deeper bowls seem at first a good selection but depending on your height, constantly reaching to the bottom of a deep bowl can be an annoyance and a problem.
  • As mentioned above multiple sinks often have multiple depths and this can be increase functionality.

Bottom line is that you want a good looking sink but you also want a sink that works well for your personal kitchen use.  Various members of the family will probably use the kitchen sink every day, and several times a day.  Spending a little extra time and money to make the correct selection is a good first step.

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