Monday, November 21, 2011

Remodeling the Kids’ Bath

Many homes today have a master bath and a hall bath or a shared bath for the other bedrooms.  The second bath often functions as the children’s bath.  Remodeling a kids’ bath or second bath involves some different design and product decisions than for the master bath.  Following are some ideas to consider.

§         Size:  The typical 2nd bath is smaller than the master bath and the number of fixtures are more limited.  There is often room for only one sink although in some situations two are possible.  Typically there is a tub/shower and a toilet.  Especially for small children a tub is important, showers are difficult to use when bathing infants.  And if resale is a consideration, having a tub/shower combo in the 2nd bath is a good choice.
§         Design:  One popular option, if space permits, is a two-room bath.  The front room has the vanity or vanities and storage; the second room has the toilet and tub/shower.  This often allows more than one child to use the bath at a time.  Another design consideration is storage space.  If multiple kids are using the room, adequate storage for towels, toiletries, hair dryers, medicine, etc should be taken into consideration.
§         Product Selection:  Some bath products work better for small children than for teenagers.  Keep in mind if you have small children that they will grow.  A standard height vanity with stools for small children may be a better long-term solution.  Shower curtains are much easier to work with for bathing small children and can be easily and inexpensively changed in the future.  Decorative selections for small children are better used in towels, shower curtains, and accessories than for permanent items such as tile and plumbing fixtures that will be expensive and difficult to change.
§         Safety:  Many of the same safety rules apply for any bath.  Non-slip floor tiles, pressure balanced and scald guard faucets, and GFI protected electrical outlets are all especially important for small children and good ideas for any bath.

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