Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updating Your Basement

Looking for space to put an exercise room, entertainment center, or playroom? Go underground! If your home has an unfinished basement, remodeling might be a great way to transform this commonly under-used space.

When considering a basement remodel, start by making a floor plan. Be sure to mark the location of your furnace, washer and dryer, and any other large appliances. Take notes on:
·        access to the basement from upstairs and outside
·        location of existing plumbing if you want an additional bathroom
·        location of vertical support columns
·        location of windows and doors
·        floor/ceiling/wall materials.

Given their constant contact with the earth, basements are vulnerable to dampness, which makes basement remodeling a bit more complex than first meets the eye. If you have an ongoing water problem it is best to deal with waterproofing the basement prior to starting any renovations

Most basements have low ceilings and few windows. But this doesn’t have to limit you. There are many creative ways to make your basement light and airy. Talk to us  about the variety of wall and ceiling lighting options available. We’ll make sure to provide appropriate electrical lines and outlets.

Here are some tricks-of-the-trade for making your underground space first-class:
·        Stay away from dark wood paneling and instead consider drywall painted in light tones to make the room brighter.
·        Open up the visual space. Double doors--even glass double interior doors--take away the typical cubicle look. Or, how about a rounded archway or pass-through area from one room into another?
·        Check to see if existing windows can be enlarged.
·        Built-in bookcases and entertainment units add richness and depth to a room. Light them with interior lights or from the top to cast light downwards.
·        Disguise vertical support beams and horizontal ceiling pipes or floor joists by boxing them in. Or, you might decide to actually use pipes and beams as interesting accents by painting them with bold colors or subtle earth tones.

An unfinished basement is much like a diamond in the rough—unexplored splendor awaiting your discovery!


  1. Great post. I have always wanted a finished basement hang out in. Now that I have my own house I thought here is my chance, but every time it rains my basement floods. I had to have someone that does basement waterproofing in NJ to come out and fix it. Of course it hasn't rained since I had it fixed so I don't know if it works or not. As soon as I know for sure that it wont flood any more I am going to remodel my basement. I will keep all this information in mind, thanks so much for sharing!