Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick Bathroom Switch Outs

In February the weather often prohibits us from starting large outdoor projects.  However, we have a couple small bathroom renovations to work on while the weather is cold.  A switch out of bathroom fixtures and cabinets can be a great, inexpensive, way to upgrade your home.  Here we have some in progress photos of jobs we are currently working on.  In the first few photos the homeowners have family murals painted in the bathroom so we will be saving as much drywall as possible.

In the photos below, the bathroom's walls were old plaster so we decided to update them with sheetrock for a smoother finish.

Both of these jobs utilized prefabricated shower units, which are easy to clean and save money and time over custom tile showers.  For more examples of our bathroom work take a look at our past projects!

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