Thursday, June 27, 2013

Color In Remodeling Projects

The cover article in the June issue of Qualified Remodeler Magazine is “Color Saturates the Marketplace”. It is reporting on the importance of colors in kitchen and bathroom designs. The newest trend in kitchen color, according to the article, is gray. The article suggests a gray wash over wood for the cabinets to give a “driftwood” look. Product manufacturers, such as Corian, have responded to this trend by offering new gray colors in their product lines. The thought behind this is that gray is still a “neutral” tone, but offers more warmth than pure white products in kitchens or baths.

I personally have not had the opportunity to design a gray kitchen or bath. However, I find that the white bathroom is still very much in demand. The white color is classic and can be warmed up through paint, towels and other accessories. Sometimes a light beige or warmer neutral is chosen if the client is aiming for more of a “beach” décor. In most cases clients are aware of the issue of resale and do not want to spend money on colors that will not be appreciated by future homebuyers. Powder rooms, because they are small, are often where people are more comfortable trying brighter colors.

In kitchen planning, I have not had the call for an all white kitchen for many years. Most kitchens are planned based on the natural materials available; wood for cabinets and granite for counters. Flooring is often also wood, or ceramic tile. The bolder color choices in the kitchen are most often accents in the backsplash tile or wall paint, or may come with the addition of colored countertop appliances, dish towels or artwork.

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