Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Clients beginning the remodeling process typically have visions of the “dream” home or “perfect” remodel they will have when complete.  Few, however, give much thought to the process, the dust and dirt, noise, daily disruptions, changes, and slight problems that must be dealt with along the way.  These elements are part and parcel of any remodeling job, and each client should be realistic and accept the fact that there will be some inconveniences.  How disruptive this is depends a lot on the working relationship between the client and contractor. 

Keep in mind remodeling is a two-way street.  The contractor should respect your long-term goals as well as your day-to-day concerns, and you should respect his specialized knowledge and expertise.  You should expect the remodeler to be committed to providing you with as painless a remodel as possible with the final results you expect.  You should expect a remodeler to be an experienced construction professional, to assist you in making informed decisions, provide budgeting and scheduling information, and if requested provide detailed specifications and design documents.  Working together, with mutual respect, should lead to a very successful project for all involved.

Look for more on the client-contractor relationship in the next blog.

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