Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baltimore Homes

Baltimore is a city of many small neighborhoods.  Within these neighborhoods, and surrounding areas outside of the city, there are a multitude of different home types with different needs.

Downtown, in areas like Fells point, Canton or Federal Hill space is at a premium.  Many of our renovations of the homes in these areas call for updating, both in style and floor plan.  When working in these narrow row homes, we often find ourselves suggesting an open floor plan, to create as much functional space as possible.  Opening the kitchen up into the dining and living areas prevents any one room from getting too cramped, as well as creating a space for groups to mingle.  Exposed brick walls and spiral stairs are two stylistic elements that also free up more floor space.

Further north in the city, Homeland and Roland Park can provide some unique challenges.  Many of these homes are very old and need updating of bathrooms, kitchens and utilities.  However, during an addition or renovation care has to be taken to maintain the stately character and charm of the homes.  Our design team has years of experience working in these areas.  We can help you choose products and finishes, both interior and exterior, that will please you, as well as the neighborhood association.

Just outside the city, from Stoneleigh and Rodgers Forge up to Ruxton and Timonium, there are many new and growing families, which are in need of more space.  Often this calls for an addition to your home.  Additions come in many shapes, from turning a screen porch into a living area, to removing your roof and adding another level.  However, interior renovations can reconfigure your house to provide you with the space you need if an addition is not possible.  Building a deck or screened porch is also a great way to create more recreational space without the costs associated with a full addition.

These three areas are a good example of the range of work ADR does.  Even if your home is not in these areas many of the issues faced are similar throughout the region.  If you have any questions about construction concerns specific to your neighborhood, please feel free to contact us.

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