Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Meeting with a Contractor

Your first meeting with a remodeling contractor is a time to get your questions answered and see if this contractor is a good match for you.  Typically after your initial inquiry we will schedule a preliminary free consultation at your home.  The usual length is one or two hours.  There are three primary issues we will want to discuss, the goals you are trying to achieve, your timetable, and your budget for the project.  We will do a walk through of your home or the areas to be remodeled and ask a lot of question to try to understand your goals and the scope of the project.  You will probably have many questions for us as well.  After meeting we may be able to provide a preliminary proposal with a budget range, or for more complex projects a design proposal, and information on moving to the next step.  Before making a next step decision you may wish to review the information with us, ask questions, and clarify how best to proceed.  You may also wish to visit our job sites or talk with past clients.  Typically at this point the next step involves a commitment on your part to work with us.  This may either be a design contract, a project development contract, or a construction contract.  Design and construction contracts are fairly straight forward; project development involves providing conceptual drawings, drafting a scope of work or specifications, and more detailed calculation of estimated construction costs.

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