Monday, May 30, 2011

Why do you need design documents?

Clients sometimes question the need for design and design documents if “they know what they want to do”.    There are several reasons to take the time to properly prepare design documents and not rush to construction.  Some are noted below.

·        Design documents are the main resource for communication between the client and the designer/builder on what is to be built and what materials are to be used.
·        The design documents, along with the construction contract, provide the legal basis for the contract agreement between client and builder.
·        The design documents communicate the decisions made during the design process to the carpenters and other mechanics that will actually do the building. 
·        Design documents are often required by various local authorities who will issue permits and neighborhood associations where neighborhood approval is required
·        Good design adds value to your home.
·        Design, carefully tailored to a client’s taste and lifestyle, makes a one-of-kind, highly customized environment for the client.

Design is a process and takes some time but the advantages of professional design far outweigh the costs.  This presents a great value for the customer, enabling them to have a great finished product that matches their desires.

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