Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Pick a Home Remodeler

Choosing the correct remodeler for your project can be difficult.  Each remodeling company has its own skill level, specialties, level of professionalism, and method of operation.  It is really up to the homeowner to find a remodeler that shares their vision for the final results.  Following are some steps you may take to find just the right remodeler for your home.

·        Look at the company’s portfolio of complete projects.  Ask how they created solutions to particular remodeling problems.
·        Interview the company salesman or owner, look at the depth and breadth of their expertise, the history of the company, the talent of the staff and tradesmen, their ability to properly produce and execute your project for a reasonable price in an appropriate time frame.  Basically determine if the company is a good fit for you, your family, and your project.
·        Talk with the company about your vision and goals and your budget for the project.  The remodeler may have suggestions to maximize your remodeling dollars while suggesting a scope of work and product selection to meet as many goals as possible.
·        Let the remodeler be creative instead of dictating the direction of the project.  After all they are professional remodelers and work designing projects to make the most of the possibilities.
·        Check references for projects similar in scope and scale to yours.  You may even want to visit completed or in progress projects.  Consider the quality of the work, reliability, meeting the construction schedule, communication skills, etc.  A lot more goes into remodeling projects than obtaining the lowest price.  You may be asked to invest a little more for a remodeler who can deliver the best product and service.

In general become an educated consumer.  Remodeling can be on of the most rewarding decisions you will make.  Make the right choice and your home will be a pleasure for years to come.

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